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Manager Spotlight: Shelly Toller

Rocky Mountain Credit Union commits to security and service, and it’s essential that all members know that their money is safe. A part of that comes from the digital security measures in place. But a part of that is very human, with a staff of caring, hardworking people who help support members. The Member Resource Center (MRC) is a key component of that service. 


In this manager spotlight, let’s meet Shelly Toller, MRC Supervisor. She’s been with Rocky Mountain Credit Union for almost six years, and in that time, she has helped countless members with everything from explaining products and services to keeping accounts safe.

Manager Spotlight: Shelly Toller

How the MRC helps members

In her role as MRC Supervisor, Shelly ensures members and potential members receive fast, courteous, and accurate service on the telephone. This role also explains products and services, responds to problems, and directs phone calls to the appropriate area. MRC Supervisors are integral in establishing and maintaining relationships by ensuring members are satisfied with products, services, and features. 


This role assists members and potential members with their financial needs by listening, connecting, and recommending products and services to help them find themselves in a better financial place. Shelly brings a positive, empathetic, and professional attitude to the position while directing call center activity to meet goals for service, productivity, and quality of work.


Keeping your money safe

Many people who call in may have a concern about fraud and having their accounts hacked, especially with so many scams out there. Fortunately, RMCU accounts come with top-security encryption and secure online banking. 


But if members do get fraudulent text messages or emails, Shelly can easily verify if they are scams and quickly check whether there have been attempts on the member’s account. Many scammers will pose as your financial institution or pretend to be a legitimate business. Shelly can ensure there were no attempts in the amount listed or by the business name in the message. It’s that personal touch that can help you feel even safer. 


How you can stay on top of your account security  

When members call in with security concerns, Shelly goes through the actions of keeping their account safe, like changing their password, canceling a compromised credit card and having a new one mailed to them, creating strong passwords, being alert for scams and suspicious activity, and using multi-factor identification. 


She recommends that when you sign up for an account with RMCU, you register your account with online banking and opt-in to e-statements. From there, keeping an eye on your account and verifying your transaction history is easy. 


Shelly’s favorite part of her job is helping RMCU members. So know that assistance is just a quick call away if you need it. When she’s not at work, she’s out and about embracing all that Montana has to offer. She loves exploring landscapes and attractions around the state. 


If you have questions about your account, get in touch with Shelly in the Member Resource Center. 

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