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Lender Spotlight: Michelle Clayton

Rocky Mountain Credit Union takes personal finance seriously. From saving up for your goals to applying for those big-ticket loans, you have help every step of the way. Meet Michelle Clayton, a consumer loan officer located in Helena. Here’s a look into her job with RMCU and how she can help you dream big and meet your goals through personal lending. 

Lender Spotlight, Michelle Clayton, Rocky Mountain Credit Union

The work of a consumer loan officer

As a consumer loan officer, Michelle works on loans for automobiles and big toys, like motorcycles, ATVs, and snowmobiles. And her service doesn’t end with the loan application: she also facilitates the title work for those vehicles. Her skill set is diverse, and so is her position. If you’re in the market for a new credit card or a signature loan, Michelle can help you out too. 


This type of loan opens up financial doors for many members. It’s an unsecured loan that you can use for essentially anything you want, from consolidating debt to covering expenses or going on vacation, so it’s an ideal custom solution for unique lending needs. But if you’re not sure what loan is the right one for your situation, Michelle can give you the info you need with personalized recommendations. “I work to find the best product for my members,” she says. 


Years of experience bring top service 

Michelle brings a ton of experience to her position with RMCU. She’s been working with financial institutions since 2005 but had most recently been at a bank. She came into the position here because she was looking to get back to a credit union. “My personality and approach to member service align better with a credit union,” she says. She’s been with RMCU for a year, and we’re looking forward to many more. 


Don’t stress about credit

In Michelle’s experience, many people can be concerned with their credit or monthly payments. But understanding the options can do a lot to help that. She’ll be open and straightforward in explaining all the details, helping members understand the available options. 


And even if your credit or other circumstances mean that RMCU can’t issue a loan right then and there, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the story is over and you’re out of luck. Michelle can work with you on a plan to help improve your credit, so hopefully, you’ll be able to revisit the application again down the line. 


Where to start when you need a loan

Michelle recommends you take the first step, encouraging members to reach out. “We will help you through the process,” she says. You can apply online, sure. But having a real person to talk to, one who understands your situation and can encourage you through the process, that’s a personal touch that shouldn’t go unrecognized. It’s not just about the application. Sometimes, it’s about working toward a goal with a little help along the way. 


It might mean working towards building or rebuilding your credit or buying your first car. Or maybe you’re hoping to consolidate debt for a future purchase. Sometimes, you might just need help figuring out a budget to allow you to save up for a new car. And when the time comes, Michelle can help you get value on different cars until you find the perfect ride for you. 

But it’s not all work and no play for Michelle. “I love exploring this beautiful state we call home,” she says. Whether it's hiking with the dogs, riding horses or exploring in her side-by-side, or camping, Michelle is out there enjoying Big Sky Country and finding the hidden gems. When she is at work, find her in the Helena branch for personal lending assistance.


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