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Where Will Life Take You This Year? VISA Platinum Can Help

Jan 08, 2020 - Posted by: Rocky Mountain Credit Union

Sunny southern beaches, dirt bikes in the desert, Caribbean island sunsets, or a Disney vacation with the kids: Are you ready for that Montana winter to be over? Use your new Platinum rewards VISA to take you from 20 below to accruing points on the go. You get rewards for every dollar you spend, redeemable with flights, hotels, merchandise, and more. Find that relaxing spot in the sun or that mid-winter getaway you've been hoping for. Membership has its rewards. Where will your life take you this year?

Everyone is looking for a credit card to help them with the heavy financial lifting, and the VISA Platinum card from RMCU is the one to get. Whether you're a busy maven, a mad mama, or a boss lady, cutting deals, and taking names, You're someone who cares about your finances and knows what to do. It only makes sense that you should want a credit card that's more than just plastic. Here's why you should apply.

You have a choice of your rewards on every dollar you spend. We know money matters are never one size fits all, so we’ve structured these reward categories to help you get the most of what you need, and ditch what you don’t. Having VISA in hand will help you just about anywhere in the world, giving your wallet global access. You don't ever have to worry whether it's on the business's list of accepted cards, and you won't be caught without a card that works when you're out and about: balance transfers and cash advances for when you need them. With low fees for balance transfers and cash advances (we're talking just 2%), there's no fear of your debit card getting lost or stolen since you can still get to the cold, hard cash you need with your credit card. 

New Puppies, new babies, new cities: A variety of new adventures are right around the corner this year. What does 2020 have in store for you? Whether you're gassing up the minivan for a road trip or booking a flight to a far off place, you get rewards for every dollar you spend with the Visa Platinum Rewards Card from RMCU. Check out the available rewards that will take you to new places.



Whether you're dreaming of a girl's trip to Vegas or a beach vacation with the family, travel perks from the VISA Platinum card can get you there. Turn your boring daily purchases into fun times with your favorite people and memories you'll love to look back on when you sign up for travel rewards, redeemable for flights heading where you need to go.


Gift Certificate

Maybe life brings you that special bundle of joy in 2020. That 's why when you know you're guaranteed to spend a certain amount in a particular place; you can up your spending savvy by putting those rewards toward gift cards. You're going to want to use every coupon and gift card available. The conversion often works out to be an even better conversion of your points than some of the other options, and you know your reward is being spent somewhere you'd already need it.


Cash Back

Being on the go means that sometimes an unexpected expense arises, or you just want to splurge on something. Preparing for expenses with travel, a flat tire, or a day to #treatyoself is always a wise course of action, but it's always nice to have a little extra cash in your pocket. That's where opting for good old fashioned cashback can really help you out. It's a simple equation: you spend money you were already planning on spending, and then you get a kickback when your statement goes out. It's as simple as that.


Origination Fees/Interest

When you're working hard and hustling to achieve your financial goals, you don't want things like origination fees and interest holding you back. With this reward in place, you can erase those extra dings on your bill before you even know what hit you.


Interest That Won't Break the Bank

You just got that new puppy and realized you need about 50 things from the pet store to acclimate her to your environment. With variable rates as low as 9.74% APR(*OAC), the VISA Platinum card can be your best-friend's best friend when you need it. There's no better feeling than the relief of knowing you're covered for those unexpected purchases that might otherwise put a crimp in achieving your financial goals. It's always good to have a backup.


Whether you are on a plane, a train, an automobile, a bicycle, or your own two feet: 2020 is moving along pretty quickly. Where will it take you? Make your travel plans and let the rewards pile up by cashing in with your Visa Platinum Rewards Card from RMCU. Click here to get in on the benefits of the card. Membership has its rewards. 


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                 †All new accounts are verified with ChexSystems *On approved credit. Some restrictions may apply.

               Variable rates as low as 9.74% APR and are subject to credit approval.


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