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6 Ways to Use Your Platinum VISA Rewards

Rewards credit cards add the secret sauce to your daily spending. They help turn those everyday expenses like a tank of gas, a cart of groceries, or a few drinks with friends into future fun when you earn points. And the VISA Platinum Rewards card from RMCU gives you many ways to use your rewards.


Gift certificates for necessities 

You get more bang for your reward points when you use them to redeem gift cards. So rather than getting cash back at a slightly lower rate, you can exchange points for gift cards at various spots. When you use those gift cards for the spending you need, like paying for gas and groceries, it’s basically like you’re getting a better deal on cash back.



One of the best perks of the Platinum Rewards card is its flexibility. So even if you can’t find the gift card you’re looking for, you can always take the cashback for the ultimate flexibility. Because sometimes, you just need a little extra in your pocket, whether you stash it in savings or use it to pay your monthly bill.




Booking Plane Tickets

The traditional way to use your credit card points is to travel. Hop on a flight to Hawaii to escape winter, embrace the powder days of ski season with a trip to Tahoe or Alaska, or skip town even harder with a trip around the world. And with tickets based on the lowest available published fare, you know your points can get you farther.


Giving interest the boot

Yes, you want to pay off your credit card bill every month to avoid paying interest on purchases. But sometimes, life happens. And if that’s the case, and you find some interest owed on your next bill, you can use your rewards to pay origination fees or interest on your Visa Platinum Rewards card.




Scoring hotel stays

When choosing cashback or scoping out the possible gift cards, you can use your points to book hotel stays with those rewards. So if you can find a gift card for your favorite hotel or use your cashback benefits to pay your way, you can use your points to book travel far beyond plane tickets.


Mix and match rewards

The beauty of the Platinum Rewards VISA is that you don’t have to choose one way to cash your rewards. Use your points to book a flight, and then earmark the remainder for gift cards to help you get the best holiday gifts for your family. And next time you rack up some points, cash back might be the better option. There’s no one correct answer, so enjoy everything your spending can earn you in rewards. 

When you’re ready to turn your purchases into fun, apply online for the RMCU Visa Platinum Rewards card. And with a rate as low as Prime +4.74 variable and no annual fee, you can benefit without spending any extra.

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