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10 Reasons Why You Should Follow RMCU On Social Media

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Whether you are a fan of Twitter or a Facebook fanatic, staying connected with Rocky Mountain Credit Union will help keep you in the loop, up to date and connected with your local community and trusted financial professionals.  Below is just ten of the reason to follow RMCU on your social media networks.

Stay Up to Date on Current Events

Many events may alter or affect the financial climate.  Stay current with up to date information on current events that could influence the financial climate such as the Equifax data breach.

Learn About What is Going on in the Community

Rocky Mountain Credit Union will keep you informed of the events and goings-on in the local community including RMCU's participation in local charity drives and fundraisers.

Learn Money Saving Tips

No matter if you are saving for a home, a car, a college fund, or just a vacation, RMCU has tips on how to save to achieve your financial dreams and goals.

Find Out More About the Great State of Montana

Rocky Mountain Credit Union is proud of their state and all it has to offer.  Find out on social media all the popular events and activities in Montana or learn more about what makes Montana one of the greatest states in the country,

Discover Budgeting Tips 

Budgets are an important part of meeting your financial goals, and RMCU has tips on creating budgets on everything from monthly expenses to care for a new puppy.

Stay Up to Date on Current Interest Rates

Interest rates can fluctuate with changes in the market and staying up to date on current rates is important when determining the best time to make a significant purchase or open a new savings or investment account.

Find Ways to Help Achieve Your Goals

A credit union is more than just a place to hold your money or to borrow money from.  Credit unions are non-profit organizations designed to meet the needs of their customers by providing valuable information on how to make your money work best for you.  Follow RMCU on social media to find out more about how a credit union can help you achieve your financial goals.

Connect With RMCU Employees

Since Rocky Mountain Credit Union is more than just a financial institution, you can connect on social media to learn more about the team that is there to provide you with the information and customer service you are looking for.

Find Jobs Opportunities Available at RMCU

If you have experience or are interested in working in the financial sector, RMCU posts their employment opportunities on both their Facebook and Twitter account.  Find out more information or learn how to apply.

Become Part of the RMCU Family

One of the most important reasons to follow RMCU on social media is to take the first step in becoming part of the Rocky Mountain Credit Union family.  

Like Rocky Mountain Credit Union on Facebook or follow them on Twitter to get connected today. Come for the camaraderie but stay for the valuable information that will help turn your financial dreams and goals into reality. If you want more information on the financial services Rocky Mountain Credit Union has to offer contact us today.

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