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RMCU Supports: Warriors & Quiet Waters

Rocky Mountain Credit Union (RMCU) is a Montana-based credit union that has a strong commitment to supporting the local community. One of the ways that RMCU demonstrates this commitment is by partnering with community-based nonprofits such as Warriors & Quiet Waters to provide financial resources, volunteer time, and other forms of support.

Photo of Veterans & their families holding a WQW banner



Warriors & Quiet Waters (WQW) guides post-9/11 combat veterans and their loved ones to thrive and find peace, meaning, and purpose through fly fishing and other inspirational activities in nature. Over the last 11 years and counting, WQW has served over 1300 participants with 201 fishing experiences and additional outdoor programming. RMCU has partnered with Warriors & Quiet Waters to help support its mission of building trust, teaching new skills, creating community, and helping Warriors thrive long-term.




Through this partnership, RMCU has provided financial resources to WQW, as well as volunteer time from their staff. RMCU employees have volunteered at events, helped with fundraising efforts, and provided support to the annual Warrior Taste Fest in September. 



In addition to its partnership with Warriors & Quiet Waters, RMCU also offers special accounts for nonprofits that come with reduced fees, making it easier for these organizations to manage their finances. This initiative has helped to ensure that nonprofits can focus on their mission and impact the community in meaningful ways. 



All of these initiatives demonstrate RMCU's commitment to supporting the community and helping local nonprofits thrive. By providing financial resources, volunteer time, and other forms of support, RMCU is making a real difference in the lives of veterans and other important causes in Montana. If you're interested in learning more about RMCU's community support, visit this page


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