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Five Ways RMCU is Different from Other Financial Institutions

Sep 12, 2017 - Posted by: Kelly Fleiner

Every business is going to tell you are they are the best in their industry. I mean why wouldn’t they, it's smart business.  However, how many of us actually believe a business when it is singing its own praises?  So I am going to do exactly that, tell you why Rocky Mountain Credit Union is AWESOME and why you should take me at my word.

I have been working for RMCU for five years now, and it is the first place I have truly felt excited to come to work.  Sure, some days are not as fun as others, but I am so lucky that I get to come to work every day. The following are my five favorite reasons RMCU is different.

EVERYONE is a member of the family.

From our CEO to our Member Service Representatives and everyone in between, we all feel like we matter to the other people in our organization. That includes the folks who don’t work at your branch.  We have people in Helena, Bozeman, Belgrade, and Butte and still manage to feel connected to each other.

RMCU pays for employees to be the best they can be.

Not just in salaries, but in training expense and office equipment.  We want our staff to function at their best every day so they can take great care of our members.  A cultural shift at RMCU happened about ten years ago, and this was the thought behind the shift:  if you hire good people, they will be effective in building business and providing incredible member service. This philosophy has paid off. In 2007 RMCU was a $70 million institution; today its annual revenue is over $220 million and we are continuing to grow.  In fact, salaries and benefits continue to be one of the largest expenditures.

RMCU cares about their members and their financial well-being.

As a credit union, we are a not-for-profit organization but it is more than that. We actually have three Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors on staff and they love working with members. Not everyone is in a great position financially and we feel it is our duty to help these members just as much as members with 850 FICO scores and lots of funds in their checking accounts.

Our MEMBERS make us great.

Our members make us great. In every new hire training, my favorite thing to share is why we LOVE our members. Without our members, RMCU would cease to exist.  RMCU is just as much our members’ institution as the employees. That is just the basics of a financial cooperative. Our members are involved, they care about their organization and want us to succeed. With the addition of Butte last fall, we feel the love even more.  Members are the only reason all of us get paid.  So yes, we all thank you for our paychecks.

Our LEADERSHIP is found throughout.

More specifically our CEO, Ed Stofko has been with RMCU since 2007. He was the leading charge behind our positive culture shift and is a progressive thinker who continues to push for products and services that our members want and need. He also hires great people and lets them do their job. This reasoning is something that has trickled down to the rest of our leadership team. We have the right people in the right positions and that creates a happy workplace. Ed will tell you his favorite part about RMCU is the people who work for him. He knows everyone’s names, all 79 of us and if you are a newcomer, he makes it a point to get to know you personally. This is the caliber of leadership we have at the credit union and we are so lucky.

While I could go on with at least ten more points on why RMCU is awesome, I want to leave you with these five favorites.  I am lucky I have the opportunity to work for such a wonderful employer and I know my co-workers feel the same.

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