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Perks You Should Be Taking Advantage of at Your Credit Union

Jun 09, 2021 - Posted by: Rocky Mountain Credit Union

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You have a lot of choices when it comes to where you put your money. From stock market investments to banks and credit unions, there’s power in where you store your assets. And when you’ve spent all that time making the right choices for your finances, you don’t want to leave any benefits on the table. Credit unions are member-owned, and they tend to offer a variety of free resources and options that are tailored to help the specific community they serve. Here are just a few of the perks you should be taking advantage of at your credit union.


Credit Score Tools

savvymoney credit score tool

Some credit unions offer tools right inside your online banking platform that allow you to monitor your credit score in real-time. That’s huge for financial growth and security. Tools like Rocky Mountain Credit Union’s (RMCU) SavvyMoney can help you keep tabs on the ebbs and flows of your credit score, seeing clearly what factors impact it so you can adjust and change course as needed. It also makes it clear if someone has infiltrated your identity, showing you immediately if there’s illicit activity you need to be aware of with an unexplained dip. 


Skip Payment Options

A credit union is designed to serve the community. And that comes in many forms, from ease of money management to support when you need it most. Skip-a-pay options, offered over the holidays by RMCU, give you some financial flexibility, allowing you to skip a loan payment for a month with no penalties. When money is tight during months of big spending, this is a perk you could easily benefit from at your credit union. 


Access to Smaller Loans

Sure, finding a loan for a new house or a reliable car can be tough. But sometimes, it can be even harder to figure out financing for the little things, like new gear and toys for outdoor recreation that can still put you back with big upfront costs. Gear loans offered by RMCU allow you to afford things like new skis, a kayak or fishing gear with smaller payments over time. 


couple kayaking on lake


Credit Card Rewards Programs

You can make your money work even harder for you with a credit card rewards program through your credit union. RMCU’s VISA Rewards Card gives you your choice of rewards, so you can pick the perks that benefit you most. When you spend money as you normally would, you can rack up points, cashback and rewards without lifting a finger. Then, manage it all from the same dashboard with the rest of your money easily. 



One of the greatest perks is simplicity: with a credit union, you get to enjoy the ease of having everything all under one roof. From your checking and savings accounts, plus credit cards, to your home, gear and auto loans, all of your finances are right in one place. Fortunately, this one is easy to incorporate by setting up your first account with RMCU


Your financial life doesn’t have to be complicated. Simplify and streamline by putting your accounts all in one place at RMCU and enjoy the perks that come along with it. For more information on how to make the most out of your financial life, visit the rest of our blog.


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