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Why You Should Become a Money Mastermind

You don’t need to be born a financial wiz to make the most of your money. Especially when you have free programs like RMCU’s Money Mastermind course, it’s easy to learn everything you need to know in order to work toward your financial goals. Each lesson walks you through a different topic designed to help you become a money mastermind. Either choose to have a lesson sent to your inbox each week, or see the course offerings all at once so you can pick and choose what topics are most important to you. Here are some of the top reasons to become a money mastermind. 

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Learn about saving

Saving is a lifelong pursuit. From saving up for your first car, emergency fund, or your college education, to saving for a home or retirement, understanding savings early will certainly give you a leg up. This module in the Money Mastermind program delves into rainy day savings, and where best to keep your money. Follow along with helpful worksheets, and get to learning. 


Discover the basics of budgeting 

From understanding the difference between fixed and variable expenses, to making a budget of your own, this lesson covers all the ins and outs of budgets and how to structure your spending to make the most of your cash flow. Each paycheck can go just a little bit further when you have a strong budget in place. 


Figure out how to cover college costs 

A college education is a major expense that can provide big financial rewards. But not all college educations are created equal, especially where cost is concerned. In this lesson, take the time to do a cost-benefit analysis on the value of a college education to you. Is it worth it? And how can you best manage your money while you’re in school? 


Photo of a calculator and budget.


See how to spend money responsibly 

Financial responsibility might seem like a drag—isn’t it more fun to just buy that new phone without thinking, or head out shopping with friends and buy whatever you want? It might seem that way in the moment, but that thinking can make it harder to achieve those rewarding long-term goals you set for yourself. Learn what SMART money means, and how you can best make informed financial decisions. 


Pick where to keep your money 

The eternal financial question: bank versus credit union. Sometimes it’s hard to even know what the differences are. This lesson goes into detail about picking a financial institution, so you can feel good about where you put your money. 


Learn to manage and avoid debt 

Debt can be a big burden for many, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you learn how to control impulsive spending and treat tools like credit cards responsibly, you can head off debt-causing behaviors early. 


A couple studing their finances.


Find the ins and outs of big purchases 

Buying a home, purchasing a car, saving for retirement, making investments, and buying insurance: all can be big purchases, depending on your financial situation. As a Money Mastermind, you explore a lesson on each topic, helping you investigate the background and details to make smart decisions. 

The best part about becoming a Money Mastermind? It’s free! Sign up, and learn how to manage your money like a mastermind.

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