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How To Live Your HGTV Dream

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All homeowners strive to achieve the picture perfect house that could grace the pages of a home magazine or be featured on one of the many home shows that have become so popular on HGTV.

The question is how to live your HGTV dream that you have been striving for since you first made their home purchase.

Whether you are a fan of Kitchen Cousins and looking to remodel one room, or are a diehard Fixer Upper or Love It or List It fan who is looking to do a full home renovation, you can make your HGTV dream a reality.

What Steps Can You Take to Live Your HGTV Dream?

  1. Come up with a plan - Determine what remodels or renovations you want to create in your home and draw out a well-researched plan that will show the layout before renovations and after.
  2. Create a budget - Even though no one likes to work on a budget, staying within a certain price range will make the project less stressful to your wallet as well as the rest of your monthly budget.
  3. Determine and cost materials - Decide what type of materials that you will need to make your renovation or remodel a reality.  Be sure to include everything from paint, to drywall, to appliances, to even light fixtures and electric covers.  This is an excellent way to stay in budget and be able to make changes early eliminating last minute problems.
  4. Open a home equity line of credit - Securing a line of credit will not only give you the money you budgeted for your renovation project, but it will also give you flexibility if your budget changes along with any unforeseeable problems that may arise.

Why Choose a Home Equity Line of Credit?

As mentioned above a home equity line of credit will allow you to borrow money as you need it up to your line limit.  While you will have regular payments, you will also be able to pay it back more quickly if you can and pay it off without penalty.

Additionally, a home equity line of credit is an amount the financial institution is willing to lend you based on the equity you have already earned by paying the mortgage in your home.  In essence, you will be using the equity in your home to create home renovations that will help increase your home's value and in turn create more equity.

A home equity line of credit often has a significantly lower interest rate than a personal loan or credit cards which make it the ideal funding for a significant investment in your home.  You will get the funds you need without paying a significant amount of interest.

Try the steps above the learn how to live your HGTV dream and make your home remodels and renovations a reality.  If you are looking for a home equity loan and want more information on how it can help you achieve your homeowner dreams, contact the loan staff at Rocky Mountain Credit Union today.

Download the Guide to Home Equity Lines of Credit vs. Home Equity Loans


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