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How to Help Your Kids Transition in a Move

Moving can be hard on everyone, especially the kids. Even if you’re all excited to head to your new home, the stress of packing, loading, and unloading can get to anyone. Add that on top of sad goodbyes and a whole lot of change at once, and it can be rough for kids to handle. But the good news is that you can help ease them into the fresh start you all get to enjoy. Here’s how to make moving a positive process for the whole family.


Tell Them As Soon As Possible

Kids need time to get used to the idea of moving as you do. Give them as much time as you can to think about the move and tell their friends, especially if they’ll be changing schools or even moving across state lines.


Let Your Kids Know That Their Feelings Are Okay

If they’re upset, it’s best to acknowledge their feelings and let them know you understand. It’s okay for them to feel upset, just like it’s okay for you to feel a little stressed too. You can both share your honest feelings while taking time to recognize the positive changes that will come with a big move. Make sure to let them know that you understand what they’re going through. If they seem fine with it, leave room for them to take a moment and mourn the change later if they need to.


Help Them Document The Move In A Fun Way

Make a move more fun, and help make some memories at the same time when you document the process. Take photos of the old house and start a scrapbook that the kids will be able to look back on in the years to come. Getting a little crafty with it gives them a creative outlet if they feel down during the process. Besides, you’re making it clear that even though you’re moving to a new home, you won’t be forgetting the old one.


Let Them Make Some Decisions Too

Help give them some agency by letting them choose which toys, books or trinkets are most important to them, and put those in a special box that will be the first thing unloaded in the new place. It’s best not to force them to part ways with any items if they don’t want to, letting them take charge when it comes to their belongings. And once you arrive, give them some decorating choices in the new space. Maybe younger kiddos will benefit from selecting the color of their room based on a few paint chips. Older kids and teenagers could even do some of the purchasing and decorating themselves.


Have Them Help Throughout The Process

Does your move involve a cross-country drive? Or even just heading a couple of counties over? Enlist their help in planning the trip, having them decide on some stops along the way. Or they could help choose the first places to visit or eat out in your new hometown. Including them will make it seem a lot more like an exciting family adventure. Even the youngest kids can help label moving boxes, letting them get crazy with the crayons and keeping them entertained while you pack.

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