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13 Helpful Tips for Moving

Moving can be as stressful as it is exciting. Moving often means a new house, a new place, and a start to a new life, but the hassle of moving your life from one place to another can be exhausting. To help simplify your move and reduce some of the stress try the 13 tips and tricks listed below.



Purge, Purge, Purge

There is no better time to get rid of items you will no longer need than during preparation for a move. Quite honestly, packing up things you no longer have a use for can waste a lot of valuable time and other resources. So get rid of everything you no longer need before you start to pack up.

Label All of Your Boxes With a Description and a Room

It is important to consider how time-consuming unpacking will be when during the process of packing. Be sure to label all boxes with the contents as well as the room it goes in to help the movers keep things together and make unpacking more stressful.

Pack a Few First Night Boxes

Pack some boxes with everything you will need to get you through the first couple of nights when you will still be in the process of unpacking and getting settled. Make sure to have toiletries, clothing, and any other necessities for entertainment.

Keep Your Clothes on Hangers and Cover With Bags

Fasten hangers together with a large rubber band and cover them with garbage bags or garment plastic. You will be able to hang them up and remove the bags by simply tearing them, making unpacking a closet a breeze.

Stretch Wrap Your Drawers

You can save yourself the trouble of having to remove drawers from the dresser and storage compartments by using the stretch wrap to tightly wrap the furniture and keep the drawers from sliding out during transit.

Put Screws, Bolts, and Hardware in Bags Attached to the Furniture

When putting pieces of furniture back together, it is always best to have the hardware right at hand. When breaking them down for moving, put all the screws, bolts and hardware pieces in sandwich baggies and affix them to a piece of furniture so everything can be kept together.

Use Your Softer Items for Padding

You can save on stuffing and keep your breakables protected by using softer items to keep them packaged, such as wrapping glassware and figurines in towels or socks. Socks can also be used to fill the space in areas such as in vases instead of stuffing with paper.

Color Code Your Labels

Having a color code system for your labels that will indicate which room of the house they will go in will help when unpacking a moving van by just being able to glance at the box. Don't forget to create a legend, so you know what each color means.

Cut Handles Into Your Boxes

A simple triangle cut on each side of the box can make carrying them much easier and lower your risk of dropping them while loading or unloading your moving van. Handled boxes will also help you to lift properly, protecting your back.

Photograph Electronics Setups

Before disconnecting cords and any electronics such as computers, snap a few pictures on your phone so that you will know the exact way your device was set up, so you a recreate it at your new home.

Protect Your Dishes With Foam Plates

Instead of wrapping each plate individually you can separate your breakable dishes by putting a foam plate in between each one. The best thing is foam plates that are already the size of your current plate so all you have to do is stack and go.

Use Egg Cartons for Smaller Items

When packing jewelry, small fragile items, or other pieces that can be easily lost, you can make use of an egg carton, which will give your items the protection they need while also keeping everything conveniently separated.

Pack Lightweight Items in Your Drawers

Since your dresser drawers will need to be moved, you might as well make use of the additional space that they provide. You can use your drawers to pack lightweight items that won't shift during transit to ensure you are taking advantage of all available space.

Don't let the stress of moving get you down. By implementing a moving strategy and trying out some of the tips below, you can help make your move a lot easier and keep things more organized.


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