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7 Signs You Need a New (Or New-To-You) Car

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Buying a new car is a big financial decision for a lot of people. It means saving up for a down payment, taking out a loan in some cases, and doing a fair amount of research. All of those factors can feel like roadblocks when you have a busy life, but there comes a time when buying a new car is no longer optional. Don’t let that time sneak up on you! These are the signs that you need a new car, like, now.

Repairs Cost More Than The Value Of The Car

Hey, even the best cars require maintenance and repairs over the course of a lifetime. And it can be worth it to put some money down to keep a car running that you love to drive. But when you’re crunching the numbers, and they stop adding up—by a long shot—you might want to reconsider the situation.

If repairs are going to put you out thousands of dollars, and you think you could maybe get $800 if you put your car up for sale, it’s probably worth it to take the leap and start looking for new wheels. 

Parts Are Falling Off While You Drive

If parts are falling off your vehicle, getting a new one seems like a no-brainer. But if there comes a time when pieces of the car are flying off as you drive down the interstate, and you’re tempted to say, “Well, I could stretch it a little longer before I buy a new car,” stop. That’s not a good plan.

Apart from the inconvenience of missing pieces from your ride, falling bits of metal could harm other people or vehicles. You obviously don’t want to hurt anyone, but it would also be bad news to be held liable for damage your car causes when it’s falling apart.

You’re Hoping Your Car Will Make It To A Certain Number On The Odometer

When you start watching those numbers on the odometer climb into the multiple six-figure range, it’s easy to let it get higher and higher. It’s a fun game to see if you can make it to 200,000 miles, and then 250,000. But at a certain point, that can come back to bite you with inconvenient breakdowns and costly repairs if you’re not prepared to buy a new ride right then.

You’re Afraid To Take A Road Trip Because Your Car Might Not Make It

The condition of your car shouldn’t stop you from adventuring. If you’re worried about how reliable your car would be on a longer trip, you should start to reassess. You don’t want to limit yourself when it comes to summer fun or winter getaways, after all!

No One Will Accept A Ride From You

This one’s short and sweet: when you repeatedly offer friends a ride and they always turn you down, you either need to look at your car or your driving ability. It’s just that simple.

Your Life Has Just Gone Through A Major Change

Some of the examples in this list can seem a bit dire, with breakdowns, accidents and social stigma on the table. But a good reason to buy a new car doesn’t have to be extreme.

Maybe you just got married or had a baby, and you need to balance a new way of life with the type of car you have. Or you made a move to a house with a long driveway you need to plow in the winter, and a two-wheel drive car just won’t cut it anymore. When your life shifts, it’s time to reevaluate your requirements for your vehicle and act accordingly.

You Start Looking At Other Cars With Envy

Hey, sometimes you don’t want a new vehicle for any particular reason. Sometimes, you just want a new vehicle, and that’s okay too. If you’re drooling over other cars at stoplights every day, it doesn’t hurt to start looking.

When you decide you’re ready to invest in a new car, get in touch with one of our RMCU Auto Loan Specialists for simple financing options to keep you on the road!

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