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The Easy Button on Shopping for a New Vehicle

Looking to make that car purchase. Hit the easy button on the car buying process with RMCU, whether you are looking at online purchase, a delivered vehicle, or heading into a dealership. You can shop with confidence and a shorter wait at the time of purchase with approved financing from RMCU. We have the tools available to make the process easier than the same old experience you've had before. Drive-in and find out how to hit the road in a new vehicle.

Whether you want to walk into that dealership with preapproved financing or shop online with confidence, we are happy to help make the auto buying experience easier. We also have a new service to members with our SavvyMoney credit score tool, where you can get prescreened for loan offers through our mobile app. Let's talk about how you can position yourself for success in this brave new world of car buying. Here are some tips on how to put your best foot forward and find the new car you've been dreaming of.



Mobile Car Buying and the Power of the Internet

Mobile car shopping isn't a thing of the future anymore. The day has arrived when you can open your phone and find a new ride in no time, taking the hassle and headache out of finding a new vehicle. This is all part of a new e-movement in car buying, one that gives you, the car buyer, more power.

The internet and mobile applications provide a lot of that power while giving you an advantage on your purchase. Plainly speaking, it's not the Wild West anymore when it comes to car buying: you don't need to rely on "my manager's approval" gatekeepers or trust schmoozy salesmen to make the deal happen. You're not limited to what they have in the lot at your local dealer – and what they tell you about its quality and condition. Everything online is at your fingertips when you're in the market for a new vehicle. All you need to do is look. Specific vehicle research, comparative reports, and watchdog sites like CarFax, help make it easier for you not to get a lemon in your search for a peach of a deal.



Doing the Research

Sites like Kelly Blue Book, Edmunds, and Consumer Reports give you the details you need when you start researching your next car purchase. Once you have the make and model in mind, start perusing years and features, and you can get a good sense of what's out there and what your price point should be. Whether you head to a dealership or stay on the world wide web, you'll still be prepared by knowing the market. You can easily compare the prices and conditions of what you find online to what's in at the dealer. That gives you bargaining power when you're well informed and ready to buy.

If you do like the dealer experience, you can still use sites like AutoTrader to source out options that you might go out to look at. Gone are the days of having to go to a car lot, then waiting for a salesperson to vet your "deal" with management before you can sign on the line. Those 5-hour trips to a dealership, full of haggling, unanswered questions, and sham warranties can be put in the rearview, as an informed, and empowered buyer; even more so with preapproved financing from RMCU. 



The Brave New World of Buying Online

When car shopping became a part of the mobile economy, everything changed. And that change was for the better of the buyer. Shoppers were no longer reliant on the car salesman as the “expert.” Instead, they had a trove of information in their pocket, from peer feedback to public records. And it didn’t just change the way we shop we professional dealers, it changed private purchases, too. No more rolling the dice on buying a car from the guy down the road, only to find out in six months it’s a lemon. Thanks to a whole host of apps, you can now collect just about any information you need to successfully buy and sell a good car.

You can buy a car in just a few clicks on websites like Truecar, Vroom, and Carvana. You can see vehicle histories, close-ups of actual conditions of the vehicle, and full lists of options and features that you want out of your new ride. Having the ability to avoid the car dealership is very empowering. Shopping for vehicles from the comfort of your couch, with no need to haggle and make on-the-spot decisions under pressure; that sounds like paradise to a lot of people.



Introducing the Savvy Money Credit Score Tool

SavvyMoney is the only solution that provides comprehensive credit score analysis, full credit report, monitoring, and personalized offers—all in one dashboard. RMCU is now offering this service to their members. We are introducing this tool to help you understand your score, the factors that impact your number, and what you can do to strengthen it..

Whether it’s for a personal loan, an auto loan, or just to be on top of your score for when you need to talk loans, SavvyMoney helps take the guessing out of qualifications and rates. And, when you use your mobile app along with SavvyMoney, you will get prescreened offers, built just for you from your credit union. Talk about hitting the easy button, click here to find out more about SavvyMoney.



Benefits of a Pre-qualifying Loan with RMCU

With the ease of online car shopping, comes the ease of using RMCU to get a pre-approved auto loan so you can click and buy any time. RMCU makes local decisions with the loan officer you meet with. We don't send your info off to a computer or a committee of people who don't know you. This makes the car buying experience more relaxed – and more personal – than haggling over financing at a dealership. 

Besides, once you're pre-qualified for a bank loan, you're good to go and ready to hit "buy" as soon as you find the deal that's right for you. That's the beauty of planning ahead and talking things out with your RMCU representative. You've put in the time dreaming, doing research, seeing what's available, and finally, you're ready to hit the road. 

For more information on terms and requirements for pre-approval with an RMCU auto loan, click hereHappy Motoring, from RMCU!

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