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50 Ways to Make Extra Money To Reach Your Savings Goals

Saving money is an important part of meeting your financial goals.  One of the easiest ways to help meet your ideal savings is by finding ways to make extra money.  Whether you are looking to make some extra cash from home, or are willing to take on some part-time work in the neighborhood, meeting your cash goals is possible with one of these 50 side jobs.


  1. Become an email marketer and make extra money by forwarding supplied email content.

  2. Complete online surveys for extra cash or gift card rewards.

  3. Get paid for shopping at your local stores by becoming a mystery shopper.

  4. Get rid of items you don't need on a resale site.

  5. Donate your plasma and make up to $100 per month.

  6. Participate in medical research studies.

  7. Become a pay-per-click employee.

  8. Write online content, such as product descriptions and blog posts.

  9. Become a consultant for home shopping items, such as Avon.

  10. Offer your babysitting skills to neighbors or online sites such as Care.com.

  11. Pick up odd jobs from neighbors.

  12. Look for freelance work on sites like UpWork.

  13. Sell your crafts or handmade goods on Etsy.

  14. Mow lawns or provide landscaping services in your local area.

  15. Sell your services as a handyman.

  16. Pick up a paper route or phone book delivery job.

  17. Deliver groceries through local delivery companies.

  18. Become an Uber driver.

  19. Teach a class at your local gym.

  20. Try your hand at tutoring.

  21. Get a phone job setting appointments.

  22. Get trained and work as a medical transcriptionist.

  23. Teach English online to students from other countries.

  24. Put your old band skills or choir lessons to work by teaching music lessons.

  25. Start a small business painting houses.

  26. Offer house sitting to neighbors or on job posting sites.

  27. Apply to substitute teach in your local school district.

  28. Make extra money while at play by testing online games.

  29. Get revenue from ads on your blog.

  30. Make money posting comments.

  31. Become a virtual assistant.

  32. Write or proofread resumes for college students and job seekers.

  33. Collect and recycle scrap metal and copper wiring.

  34. Work from home as a customer service rep.

  35. Sell your used books online.

  36. Rent out your bicycle to tourists or locals.

  37. Be part of a focus group and provide insight into advertising and marketing campaigns.

  38. Become a sports referee for your area's youth recreation programs.

  39. Participate in mock trials where law students will be able to practice their skills.

  40. Make money off your purchases with Ebates.

  41. Have a garage sale and clean out your clutter at the same time.

  42. Hold a bake sale at a local event.

  43. Perform sewing services, such as hemming and mending.

  44. Sell your services as a calligrapher.

  45. Start a side photography business.

  46. Book hairstyling gigs for weddings and proms.

  47. Make money by posting to social media.

  48. Sell photos or short videos to Shutterstock.

  49. Get a part-time personal trainer gig.

  50. Find some freelance graphic design work.

Try one or more of the jobs above to help make extra money and achieve your savings goals.


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