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6 Benefits of a Career at Rocky Mountain Credit Union

When you work at RMCU, you benefit from more than just a paycheck. You can build the life you want with a career here from big pluses like paid time off, retirement savings, and schedule flexibility. Take a look at just a few of the benefits that come with a career at RMCU. 

Photo Rocky Mountain Credit Union employees wearing Hawaiian outfits.

Paid time off

More employers should recognize the importance of taking time off for your well-being. RMCU is currently offering 28 paid days off. That includes 16 paid personal days and 11 holidays. Working in the financial world also benefits from offering weekends off. That leaves your time open for hanging out with friends and getting closer to your family. 


Retirement benefits 

The importance of saving for the future is always a top priority. RMCU emphasizes everything from emergency savings to college planning and stashing away money for a down payment on a home. But one of the most important (and often overlooked) means of saving is retirement savings. RMCU employees enjoy the benefits of a 401(k) plan for retirement with an employer match. And on top of that, retirement benefits at RMCU come with a profit share. As a credit union, RMCU is member-owned, and employees get to make the most of that. 


Photo of a piggy bank and 401K


Benefits start right away 

You don’t need to wait to start enjoying your benefits, and there isn’t a probation period to sit out. Paid leave accrues from day one, and sick leave is awarded on the 31st day of employment. So go ahead, plan that trip or make that doctor's appointment. Your life doesn’t have to wait for an arbitrary time frame to pass. 


A way to work-life balance 

RMCU understands that there’s more to life than clocking in and out. And as much as paid time off helps you recharge, it sometimes isn’t enough for everything your schedule holds. Flexibility in schedules (where applicable) in favor of work-life balance is a staple of working life at RMCU.  Whether you need flexibility relating to childcare, college classes, or the other ebbs and flows of energy, you can find that wiggle room here. 




The chance to move up

You’ll encounter plenty of opportunities for career advancement at RMCU. You can climb higher no matter what rung of the ladder you start on. And you don’t have to do that on your own. You’ll have the support of your colleagues and supervisors for advancement as you work toward your goals. 


Being part of a bigger mission 

As a community credit union, RMCU isn’t just about banking. Its mission of serving the community and helping people reach their financial goals adds a level of fulfillment and purpose to a career here. 


When you’re ready to start your future, RMCU is waiting for you. Jobs across Southwest Montana are open now, with a simple online application to put you in the right lane for hiring. Submit your application, and see where your future leads. 

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