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Throw a Backyard Barbecue Tiki Party

Jun 07, 2018 - Posted by: Rocky Mountain Credit Union

The beginning of June means the unofficial start of summer. The temperature is rising, the sun is staying out for longer, and all you really want to do is have all your friends over for a backyard barbecue. But, with your summer party comes lots of preparation and planning. Not to mention all the time that goes into the actual production of the party.  It’s not really June if you don’t throw your own tiki party. To help with your first party of the summer, we turned to Pinterest and found the best Tiki Party ideas to make your party sure to be a hit. From food and drink, to decorations, to activities, we have you covered.

Food and Drink

Everyone knows that the best part of any party is the food and drinks. So you want to make sure your backyard tiki party is prepared for the influx of hungry people looking to eat and drink their hearts out.

Pineapple Boat 

This appetizer is sure to be a hit at your tiki party. Hollowing out a pineapple and using it as a boat for your salsa will not only fit in perfectly with your tiki party theme but will also add some flavor to your traditional chips and salsa app.

Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs

It’s not a backyard barbecue party if you don’t use your grill. That’s why we love these Hawaiian chicken kabobs. By adding pineapple to your kabobs, it gives it the Hawaiian flavor and fits in well with your tiki theme. These kabobs are sure to be a hit at your party.

 Chocolate Dipped Pineapple 

For a simple, but sweet treat we recommend these chocolate dipped pineapple slices. This recipe is so easy saving you time to enjoy your party but will still be packed in flavor. Leaving your guests full and content.

 Mango-Coconut Daiquiri

After a long day in the sun, almost everyone is looking to wind down with a cool drink. This mango-coconut daiquiri is sure to be a hit. Not only will the flavors really compliment the tiki theme of your backyard party, but it will be just plain good. This drink will have your guests coming back for seconds!



A themed party isn’t complete with some awesome decorations, especially a tiki party. These simple, affordable, and fun decoration ideas will transform your backyard party into a Hawaiian tiki vacation.

Tiki Torches

Tiki Torches are almost synonymous with a tiki party. But we know that going out and buying tiki torches might be on the expensive side. Especially if you are only buying them for the purpose of the party. So instead, we found these DIY tiki torches which will be perfect to adding to theme of your party without breaking the bank.

Totem Poles

Another idea for your backyard party decorations is adding totem poles. These will not only make good decorations, but can make for a good backdrop for photos if your guests want to document the occasion. Either way, totem poles make a great addition to your backyard tiki party.



While eating and chatting is often enough for some guests, adding a few activities for you and your guests to enjoy during the party is a way to ensure that everyone stays entertained and has fun for hours.


How low can you go? This game is suitable for all ages and gives you the opportunity to test your skills against your friends. Only a few of your guests want to play? That’s just fine. All you need is three people and you can have hours of fun.

 Warrior Spear Throwing

A slightly more adult game, but entertaining all the same. Decorate a watermelon to look like a pig and let your guests practice their warrior skills by trying to hit it with a spear. Darts may also be used if this is more available to you. This game is sure to bring out your inner warrior.

The backyard party season is fast approaching. This summer, enjoy your parties without being worried about your bank account. With these budget friendly ideas, your party is sure to be a hit without killing your wallet. If you want more ways to have fun this summer or are just looking for help budgeting your finances, let us know! 

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