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Tax Returns and Big Purchases

Mar 11, 2020 - Posted by: Rocky Mountain Credit Union

Tax season doesn't have to be stressful. When your tax return clears, it's tempting to blow it on something that you want in the moment that won't serve you in the long run. But you can spend bigger than that, and have your money do more for you. Increase your buying power by a factor of ten when you combine your return with some other options. Read on to see how to get more out of tax season this April.


Down Payments for Auto Loans

Get a new ride with the money waiting for you in your tax return—just put it toward a car down payment. Head to the dealer and take your top choice for a test drive, then stop in at RMCU to discuss your options with a loan specialist. When you have the money from your tax return to put up as a down payment, you could probably even go for the premium package with all the bells and whistles.



Fun for Your Money

Your dreams don't need to end at auto. Your tax return can go to those fun things like boats and RVs to take your recreation to another level. A motorcycle you can hit the open road with, an ATV to hit the trails, or a snowmobile to help you get the most out of every season, all could be fueled with an RMCU loan and your tax return for the ultimate in fun. You can put that return toward some of those purchases you've been dreaming of, and if you need a little extra, RMCU can help you out.




If you've been saving to buy a home, have your tax return help increase your buying power. Put that check toward a down payment, and you'll be able to pick up the keys and start decorating even sooner. RMCU offers conventional loans, government loans, and specialty programs like Home$tart, all available at either fixed or variable rates.




Combine your tax return with a HELOC to achieve your goals. You can boost your tax return's spending power when you combine it with the funds from a Home Equity Line of Credit. It's the perfect way to put more into your home, increasing the value of your real estate investment. You can benefit from what you've already paid back to get more out of your mortgage. Combine it with your tax return, and you're all set for that home remodel you've been dreaming of.



VISA Credit Balance Transfers

This could be the ideal time to rethink your credit card debt. Take the opportunity to pay off a big chunk and make a balance transfer to your new VISA card with RMCU. You have a low APR to look forward to, plus plenty of rewards to sweeten the deal. You can use this tax season as a way to get ahead and grow your financial savvy. 

When you need help deciding how to maximize your tax return, get in touch with an RMCU agent who can walk you through the application process, and help you scout out your options. Click here to contact us. 


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