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Swipe Better with an RMCU Checking Account

Cashback with groceries, cashback with bills, cashback with pets, cashback with gas, cashback with ski passes, cashback with coffee: Swiper, keep swiping, and keep getting cashback with every purchase you make. Make sure you get your nickels in 2020. RMCU's Swipe Checking gives you $.05 cash back when you swipe your Mastercard Debit Card.

RMCU provides a range of checking products that can give you exactly what you're looking for in a personal account. From holiday gift-giving to paying for your first apartment (or your first mortgage), a good checking account is going to see you go places. Personal checking accounts at RMCU like Swipe and Coin have no minimum balance, no monthly fees, online bill pay features, and comes with a free debit card.

With incentives and options for overdraft protection, your checking account rewards you and gives you the tools to help manage your money. These options might be what you need, but here at RMCU, we understand that no budget is created equal. So, we've cultivated a roundup of options to help you find the account that fits you best. This is the best place to start to get to know your checking choices.




Earning rewards on a checking account might seem like a wild idea, but it's the reality with a Swipe account from RMCU. Every time you swipe, you're working toward rewards, earning 5 cents back on every swipe over ten swipes. There's no minimum balance and no monthly fee, with free online bill pay and a free debit card. Though you won't earn dividends, you'll be raking in the cash every time you swipe. You can also enjoy built-in overdraft protection—not just from savings.



If you love the little extras, Coin is the account you should go for. You'll get a $20 Amazon gift card when you sign up as a new member. The account comes with two overdraft fee refunds per year or a $10 Starbucks gift card if you don't use your reversals. We try to show our appreciation in, well, a way that you'll appreciate. And that's on top of the free debit card and free online banking/bill pay that comes standard. There's no monthly fee and no minimum balance. Plus, you gotta love that overdraft protection!




We all have mountains to conquer in our lives, and a Summit checking account works harder to get you to those big goals. If you maintain a $10,000 balance and ten debit card transactions per month, earn dividends up to 0.1% APY. That can help move you closer to those big moments: paying off your mortgage, saving for a wedding, putting your kids through college. All of that is possible when you're reaching for your summit. Enjoy looking toward the future while you embrace free online banking/bill pay and a free debit card, as well as that sweet, sweet overdraft protection, just in case.


Fresh Start

We know that life can be tough, and sometimes you just need a fresh start—or a Fresh Start checking account. Your past does not define you, and it shouldn't make it harder to live your life in the present. This is your second chance at a checking account.

You qualify if you have $500 or less in checking collections at another institution, and that doesn't make you a second-rate citizen. You still benefit from free online banking and bill pay, with a free debit card. With a low monthly fee of $10, you can get back on your feet and start moving forward. There's no minimum balance, either. And with a linked savings account at RMCU, you can still get overdraft protection from your emergency fund, saving you from accumulating more fees. 


Once you make it through all the options, the sign-up process is easy. You can apply for your account online right from your device. Swiper, keep swiping with RMCU. Swipe your way to savings and get rewarded from RMCU. 

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