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Our Favorite Road Trip Snacks

If you are planning a long road trip, you are going to want snacks. They are an essential part of every road trip and make it so much better. On your next road trip, plan ahead with these snack options to please your taste buds and make your road trip one for the books.

Our Favorite Road Trip Snacks

Consider Your Options

What are your favorite snack options? You’ll definitely want to consider your options that are more travel-friendly… Ice cream cones don’t necessarily make great road trip snacks (or maybe that’s what you want, we won’t judge).  You’ll also want to put some thought into how long of a road trip you are going on. If you’re going to be on the road for a few hours a few sweet treats might be enough for you. But, if it’s going to be a longer trip, you might want some snacks of a little more substance.

Homemade Snacks 

If you are feeling particularly adventurous and have some extra time, you can prepare some snacks that will make everyone happy. There are so many tasty sweet and salty options that you will be excited to get on the road and break into those snacks. Here are some of our favorite recipes from Taste of Home:

Purchased Snack Packs

If you are more interested in buying snacks rather than putting in all the effort of making them, then that is okay too. There are tons of prepackaged, pre-portioned, snacks that exist at the grocery store. Hummus, peanut butter, and granola bars all come prepackaged and ready for you to hit the road. To mix things up a little, purchase things that you don’t normally buy. This will give you and your taste buds something to look forward to on your road trips. For some healthy options check out this article from Eat This, Not That!

Staying Hydrated

So now let’s talk about drinks. You can absolutely pack fun drink options like juice or coffee or whatever else you might want. But keep in mind that the more you drink, the more you will need to stop for bathroom breaks. This holds especially true if you are traveling with kids. Make sure you are aware of this risk and plan accordingly.

Planning ahead and packing snacks for your next road trip will not only help you enjoy your time on the road more but will also save you the time and money of stopping and buying expensive gas station snacks. What are your favorite road trip snacks? Let us know what you like to pack when you hit the road!

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