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Our Favorite Online Resources to Find the Best Used Car for Your Montana Lifestyle

We get it. Buying a car can be overwhelming. With over 35 makes and all the models out there, the options feel almost limitless. The best advice we can give you, is to do some deep soul searching and determine the main use for your vehicle. Your unique Montana lifestyle directly determines what type of transportation you need. Are you hauling wood, transporting children, making short drives around town for errands and work, highway travel, does your dog(s) go everywhere with you, etc.? Once you have determined the best choice of vehicle for you (pick-up truck, minivan, or hybrid to name a few) you need to narrow down which makes and models are the most reliable. That's where we come in. We put together some resources to make your research easier. 





Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports has been giving people the opportunity to share their opinions on cars since 1930 - whether you want them or not. Consumer Reports Annual Auto Issue, reviews and rates vehicles for people just like you to make good, informed decisions. Consumer Reports offers three levels of membership. A good place to start your search is with the basic monthly membership at $6.95 per month for unlimited digital access. You will be able to view ratings from both the automobile industry and owners. Reliability ratings detail things like major and minor engine issues, major and minor transmission systems, fuel system, cooling system, body integrity and many more. Average retail pricing guidelines are also included. Make sure you always know exactly what you are getting. Find more information at www.consumerreports.org/cars-.



AutoTrader is another resource that lets you research information on cars. Additional filters including fuel economy, standard transmission, navigation system, etc., can be entered to help narrow your search to your exact needs or requirements. AutoTrader takes it a step further and allows you to see current used car listings. You might consider selling your car on this site too, if you are looking to sell your old car and upgrade to a new one. Find more information at https://www.autotrader.com/.


Kelly Blue Book

Not only does Kelly Blue Book give you used car buying tips that are timely and easy to understand, but it is also on Twitter for your easiest convenience! So while you are reading tweets about your favorite celebrity gossip, you can also research your dream car. Vehicle value is based on the car’s condition, market location, and whether it is being purchased from a private individual or a dealership. Kelly Blue Book calculates all of this and more. Find more information at www.kbb.com.


Motor Trend 

Motor Trend's stand out feature is the way it conducts test drives and car comparisons on top of its already awesome auto reviews. They put in all the time test driving so that you don't have to! Detailed reporting includes road and weather conditions, type of motor oil used, etc. Find more information at http://www.motortrend.com/.


Cars Direct

Cars Direct search results show what cars are available from private owners and from dealerships.  Find something you like?  You are able to save your search for the next time you log in. Like when you come back to get a second opinion or show off your sweet find! Other convenient features include the ability to view the matching Carfax report and links to the related dealerships. Find more information at https://www.carsdirect.com/


The Car Connection

The Car Connection allows you to choose where you want to search for your car and will show you all available cars in your selected area. Now you don't have to worry about driving 1,000 miles to get your dream car. The Car Connection also clearly displayed is if the car is certified pre-owned, if a Carfax report is available, and the exact location of the car. Find more information at https://www.thecarconnection.com/.



Finally found a car you like? It's about time! The final step is checking with CARFAX. Using the vehicle identification number (VIN) you will find out all of the car’s history including everything but the kitchen sink! Not really ... But it does include how many owners the vehicle has had, where it has been registered, and the accident history of the vehicle. Find more information at https://www.carfax.com/.

Do you have a favorite online resource for researching your next car purchase? Let us know! And when you start your car buying process head to our page for everything you'll need to know. 


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