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Kelly's Korner –– Black Friday: Getting the Biggest Bang for your Buck

Nov 27, 2019 - Posted by: Kelly Fleiner

Hurray!!!! We are officially in the holiday season, and Thanksgiving is closing in. With Thanksgiving comes Black Friday, and I know my deal getters and couponers are getting ramped up. What about the rest of us? The ones who just want a good deal on the Christmas presents they buy for their family and friends. Well, here are some tips and tricks, some do's and don'ts to getingt the most out of your Black Friday shopping. 

Do's and Don'ts 


  • Do have a debit card or credit card that gives you rewards for the money you spend. This way, you are automatically getting something in return for shopping. RMCU has Swipe Checking that will provide you with $.05 on every debit card swipe you make this Black Friday. We also have a rewards credit card that earns you points every time you purchase. Either way, you are getting something in return just for shopping.  
  • Don’t go without a list and a budget. If you are unorganized for Black Friday shopping, you could end up overspending, and that doesn’t help anyone this time of year. Know what you are going to purchase and where you will be making that purchase. This process will keep you on track and within your budget.
  • Do check for deals online. Most stores these days will offer some of their Black Friday deals on their website, as well. This means you can still get a great deal without ever having to leave your pajamas.  

  • Don’t be fooled by the Deep Discounts. A store may claim that their television is 50% off, but original pricing is up to the retailer. Some retailers will mark up initial prices just to offer the giant discount come Black Friday. Do your research on the brands and know what you are getting is indeed a good deal.  
  • Do PreShop. This goes back to researching and your plan. Look at all the leaked Black Friday ads and look online for the best deals. Some stores will be offering different time frames on specific items, and if you are unaware, you could end up going home empty-handed.  
  • Don’t do your research at the last minute. If you are waiting until the actual ads show up at your house on Thanksgiving Day, it is too late. In the age of the internet, we already have access to most Black Friday ads. If you wait until the last minute, you won’t have enough time to plan and could end up spending more money than necessary as a result.  

  • Do look for coupons. They are out there, even for Black Friday deals. Why not double up on your savings and add a coupon to the mix. Just know that the coupon process takes longer at check-out and to plan accordingly.  
  • Don’t assume the best deals are in the store. Cyber Monday is another AMAZING day to shop for Christmas goodies, and you can do it all from your living room or office.
  • Do check the return policy of the store. Some retailers will tighten up return restrictions during the Holidays. Be aware in case you end up with a case of buyer’s remorse from your Black Friday adventure.  
  • Don’t do all of your Holiday shopping on Black Friday. Again, think Cyber Monday, and most retailers will be running specials throughout the season. Make a plan and have fun on Black Friday, just know that there may be a better deal later



  • My final Don’t of Black Friday shopping is to not wait until the week before Christmas to do your shopping. Most stores are cleared out of the good stuff, so demand is high, they can also raise their prices because they know you will pay just about anything to get your gifts at this point.

Black Friday shopping can be a fun adventure if well planned and budgeted for. Don’t forget your rewards checking or your rewards credit card before you head out this Black Friday. Looking to get some extra room in your budget? Check out our Holiday Helper Loan by clicking below. Happy Holidays from your friends at RMCU.


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