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Insourcing Your Life

What's the opposite of outsourcing? Well, insourcing. But what does it mean exactly, and why does it matter?

There are plenty of ways insourcing can help you save money. By doing things yourself instead of paying someone else to do them, you can save big in the long run. Here are some of the best ways you can insource some areas of your life.



Cook and Meal Prep at Home

Don't pay extra to have someone else do the cooking for you. When it comes to saving a little moolah, taking care of your own meals instead of opting for grab-and-go or dining out is a fantastic money saver. It also affords you time for you to relax, include someone, refine your tastes, or take a moment to improve your self and add to your skills. 

Plan ahead with some meal ideas for the week before you go to the store. Do some strategic grocery shopping that fits a few dinners. After you've scored some deals, do your prep for the week at once so you don't have to think about it again. The easier you make it for yourself, the more likely you are to stick to it.


Fix-it Yourself

If you can fix things yourself instead of tossing them or paying exorbitant fees for someone else to repair it, you're already saving a lot of dough. We're not saying you have to become an electrician or a certified mechanic, but knowing the basics can help your wallet out a lot in the long run. Even if it's just knowing how to repair a tear in your favorite work shirt or replace a popped button, you're already on the road to savings.

Being able to replace broken panes of glass, hang curtain rods, patch and repaint damaged walls, or even just changing the oil in your car, all will save you some money over paying someone else to do it. Plus, then you have valuable skills you can apply to just about anything. If you are feeling a little nervous search for DIY+what you need to repair. You might find it easier than you think.


Cut Your Own Hair

Ladies, this one may seem like it's more for the dudes, but bear with us. If you have a simple hairstyle and a good pair of clippers and hairstyling scissors, you can do a lot to look good and maintain your 'do. For guys it can be more simple—buzz and go. But even gals can trim split ends or even go bigger with a change in style without having to shell out the big bucks. Even if you're just maintaining healthy hair between professional cuts, you can save a ton. How-to YouTube videos are your friend here.


Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies

It might sound crazy, but making your own cleaning supplies can save you money and help save the planet too. You can find recipes online for convincing dupes of your favorite products, make them as gentle or as intense as you want, and cut down on the number of plastic bottles you're adding to the landfill by refilling existing ones. That's an easy insourcing choice!


Use Online Bill Pay

You don't need to pay for someone to manage your day-to-day finances, but you can achieve the same effect with a little automation. Scheduling automatic payments for paying bills online frees up a huge chunk of time and brain space while saving you money in potential late fees if you forget to make a payment. Check out RMCU's account offerings to find out more ways to use online bill pay to save

Just a few tips for keeping a little bit of that green stuff in your pocket. Over time you will see that savings pile up. We at RMCU love helping you achieve the best financial health you can have. Subscribe to our blog to get the value out of posts like these and others. 


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