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Best Personal Finance Podcasts

The wide world of podcasts offers hours of free learning to help you with just about anything. And when you don’t have time to sit still, the audio medium gives you a way to soak up more knowledge while you drive to work, do the dishes, or walk the dog. That’s great news when you want to improve your personal finance life but don’t have much free time. Here are a few of our favorite personal finance podcasts to get you started.

Woman listening to a podcast on a computer with headphones.

Planet Money 

Planet Money from NPR offers bite-sized chunks of money and economic news from around the globe. Listening in is a great way to get the big picture of what’s happening in the financial realm. From US tax codes to China’s economy and a breakdown of popular personal finance advice, you can get a taste of just about any money topic. 


Planet Money Podcast Graphic

The Best One Yet

Popular stock market brokerage Robinhood sponsors The Best One Yet, formerly known as Robinhood Snacks. Hosted by Jack Crivici-Cramer and Nick Martel, the pod is self-billed as a “20-minute pop-biz podcast.” With the top three business news stories of the day, you can stay on top of what’s happening in the money world, helping you inform your personal finance decisions. 


Choose FI 

Financial independence, also sometimes known as FIRE (financial independence, retire early), can seem radical to some. But even if you fall into that camp, there are plenty of tips, nuggets, and tidbits to take away on saving, earning, and hacking your way to a more significant account balance. Choose FI is one of the best podcasts focused on the concept. 


Couple working on a budget

You Need a Budget 

When you hear words of truth, it’s a good idea to listen, and You Need a Budget (YNAB to fans) hits it right on the nose with their name. Hosted by Jesse Mecham, this podcast focuses on getting out of debt, saving more, and breaking away from paycheck-to-paycheck living. Episodes alternate from more meaty 30-minute-plus recordings and bite-sized 5-to-10-minute ones that answer single user-submitted questions. 


The Ramsey Show 

Dave Ramsey is a personal finance legend, best known for helping people pay off debt with his hard-lined advice and no-nonsense talk. But even if you’re happy spending responsibly with your credit cards and feel good about your home mortgage interest rate, his hard-hitting podcast can give you insight into your finances. 

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