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Benefits of RMCU Membership

Being a member of RMCU has a whole lot of benefits, above and beyond the relaxation that comes from having your money in safe hands. You’re not a customer here—you’re a part of the community, and so is your financial institution. But what makes being an RMCU member so sweet? Let’s break down a few of the benefits.  

Community focus for your finances

RMCU is a part of the Montana community. With branches in Helena, Bozeman, Belgrade and Butte, you can count on staff who know what it’s like to live under the Big Sky. They may even be a friend or a neighbor. And the community focus doesn’t stop there. RMCU offers education programs for members, like the Money Mastermind course. And scholarship programs give back to local students, while donations go to the organizations that members love most. That means you know your money will do good in the places you care for and call home. 


Low interest rates put money back in your pocket 

Interest rates at credit unions tend to be lower than at banks. Here, we’re talking about the interest rates that you want to be lower—credit cards and loans. That means that average credit card interest rates are about 3-4% lower than what you’d find with a bank. And auto loans here have rates about 2% lower on average. Lower rates are just one of the ways that RMCU passes earnings on to members. 


Graph showing money increasing.


Higher rates on savings accounts 

On the other hand, when it comes to interest rates you want to be higher, you’re covered there too. Credit unions pay dividends on accounts, rather than calling it interest, but it works out to be the same. You can earn dividends with higher rates on savings accounts at RMCU than you’ll find at many banks. That’s because credit unions like RMCU are not-for-profit, so they can put the money they make from investments back into members’ pockets. Banks are trying to turn a profit, so they’re not as quick to give back in the form of higher rates. 


Convenient money management 

RMCU makes it easy to take care of your money, with branches and ATMs right in your neighborhood. And even if life takes you out of our little corner of Montana, whether in a move or for travel, you can still have easy access to all sides of your finances. Between super-secure online banking and bill pay, as well as credit monitoring and easy transfers between accounts, it’s simple to manage your money from near or far. You have the benefit of hyper-local care for your money, as well as that use-it-anywhere functionality. 


Photo of member benefits.


Incomparable member service 

RMCU takes member service seriously. When you call in, whether with a casual question about online banking or a fraud concern, you get a real person on the phone. And it’s really someone right down the street, who knows what weird thing the weather is doing and where the best place in town for a milkshake is. Having those community connections in every aspect of your financial life makes it more accessible to ask questions, make an appointment, or get help when you need it. 

Is it time to become a member of RMCU? Fortunately, it’s easy to sign up and start saving. Apply, and open your first account online in five minutes.

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