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Five Ways to Quickly Save $100 a Month

Saving money doesn’t have to be complicated. And when even putting a little away can help you in the long run, there’s no reason not to start now. Here are a few ways that can help you get up to $100 in extra savings every month, letting you work towards realizing your financial goals.



Cancel Unused Subscriptions with TRIM

If you haven't heard of TRIM yet, you need to look into it now. Trust us; your wallet will thank you. By scanning bank account statements and credit card bills, TRIM looks for monthly recurring fees and flags them for you. Then, with just a quick text, you can cancel the services you don't actually use but get charged for anyway. 

Imagine how much you could be saving if you just cut out (or trimmed, if you will) a few of those regular payments you're not using — forgotten gym memberships: Gone. Meal service subscriptions you haven't been cashing in? Out of there. Put all that extra money in a rainy day fund, and you're looking good financially, no matter what lies ahead.



Download a Micro-savings App

Micro saving doesn't stay micro for long when you use it regularly. These apps let you control how you're saving or investing, just by rounding up your purchases and saving the pennies. Qapital enables you to automate savings by making your own rules for saving, whether that means rounding up or moving a set chunk over each month. An app like Acorns, on the other hand, rounds up to the nearest dollar and then automatically invests the change into a portfolio of your choosing. Simple savings. If you're just trying to hit your budget numbers and reduce the fees and extra interest, Mint might be an app that helps you save money by telling you where you're spending it most and notifying you when your bills need to be paid.



Brown-Bag-It for Lunch

You don’t have to play mind games with yourself to save. While the technological techniques from the apps above are great strategies, there are simple solutions as well. When it comes to making modest life changes that make a significant impact, the one that can save you a bundle with minimum effort is packing a lunch to bring to work. If you’re in the habit of dining out, you can make the change and save a ton with ease.

Just think of that $10-15 a day you might be spending on lunch, and the difference of using leftovers, the food you make, or store-bought conveniences that can drop chunks of cash out of your food budget. Even if you already bring your lunch, choosing the right food can save you a bit more, as well. There’s no need to sacrifice flavor and health, but are you grabbing premade deli items or making your own sandwich? Shopping impulsively or taking advantage of what’s on sale? Shifting your mindset will save you a lot.



Shop with a Cashback Portal

Cashback portals come in all sorts and fashions, giving you rewards ranging from airline points to cold, hard cash. When you sign up through one of these websites and make purchases you already planned on (that’s key!), you can get some money back and put it away for later. Just make sure you’re not drawn in to impulse purchasing and throwing away your hard-earned money.



Use Online Streaming Instead of Cable

Cable’s out, and the world of online streaming is in—and we’re not just talking show popularity. You can save a ton by balancing the release dates of your favorite shows with what streaming subscriptions you have. The best part is that you are not caught in a contract, and you can change your service with your show preferences. 

To take the next step on your savings journey, start the sign-up process for an RMCU personal account here. 



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