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The Best Mobile Apps for Managing Your Money

May 30, 2017 - Posted by: Rocky Mountain Credit Union

Managing your money is a part of your everyday life.  With ever increasing technology, you can not only access account information at the touch of a screen, but can also budget, manage, and track your money all from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.  Below are six money managing apps that will help you to keep your money goals on track.


Mint is an all-purpose financial application that can give you an overall view of your money with one glance.  The app can set bill payment reminders and even keep tabs on your credit score.  The app also includes multiple budgeting tools as well as the ability to view every transaction that goes through your account.


Learnvest is a mobile app to keep you connected with all of your money in all accounts.  This app gives you the ability to track across multiple accounts and account types so you can keep on top of all transactions that go through.  Leranvest also incorporates financial goals that you can set and accommodating educational materials on how to achieve those goals.  You can also create a tally of money you are spending and see if it ends up within your budgeting goals.

Level Money 

This app is those who have a more simple financial portfolio but want to be able to track their money and maintain a budget.  The app allows you to set up daily, weekly, and monthly budgets and will let you know how much you can spend each day to stay within the set limits.  You can link checking, savings, and credit card accounts in one place for viewing as well as set alerts such as spend limits and bill payment reminders.

Budget Boss

This app helps you to create a personal budget and learn to follow it.  Through the use of graphs and savings projections, this app lets you know where your budget issues are and how to get more money into your savings account.  The program allows for cash adjustments so you can keep track of spending even when you aren't using plastic.

Learn Money 

Another app that can help in managing your money is Learn Money.  This app is easy to set up and accommodates a variety of account alert settings.  The app connects all of your account information into one simple interface.  There are budgeting tools that can take your income, expenses, and savings goals and integrate them to come up with spending limits.  Additionally, this app includes a spend comparison tool to determine which levels of your budget are fluctuating.

Rocky Mountain Credit Union Online Budget Tool

This online budget tool can be used to set up your savings goals and track your spending all through your mobile banking log in.

No matter what tools you need to begin managing your money, there is a mobile app for you.  If you want to learn more about budgeting and money management or would like more information about our online budget tool, contact Rocky Mountain Credit Union today for more information.

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