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Reasons Brick-and-Mortars Will Always Succeed

Mar 01, 2018 - Posted by: Rocky Mountain Credit Union

Making an online business has become more accessible but certainly has its drawbacks. Even modern websites struggle when you have products that people want to try on or have personalized questions about their products. Are online retailers really taking over or is it too good to be true?

Allow Customer Sampling

  • Despite the popularity of online shopping, consumers still prefer to try products in person. Many people use online shopping to research before heading out to the store
  • 90 percent of sales still happen in a store
  • Many consumers still love to demo products before they buy them

Establish Community Membership

  • A surprising number of consumers still prefer to “shop local”
  • Almost 75 percent of consumers prioritize a product’s origin when making a buying decision
  • Having a physical location gives consumers hometown feel and consumers are more likely to spend first before online

Make Returns and Pickups Easy

  • Downside of online shopping is the headache of returns and the cost to ship items
  • Allowing in-store refunds helps alleviate that hardship while getting the consumer through the physical door
  • “Buy online, pick up in store” is becoming popular
  • Retailers might consider offering discounts to consumers who pick up their purchases in-store

Incorporate Technology

  • Retailers will often match the online price in hopes that consumers will buy additional items in store
  • Retailers are also creating an omni-channel for consumers. Consumers read online reviews or get an email with exclusive deals that bring them in store

Larger Inventory Storage Space

  • Storefront offers built-in storage for online retailers, who can display products on store shelves that they sell on their website
  • Items may be available in the back in store vs. waiting for items to be back in stock online

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