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Lender Spotlight: Mike Noyes

If you’ve applied for a personal loan at the Huffine - Bozeman branch of Rocky Mountain Credit Union in the last few years, there’s a good chance you’ve talked to Mike Noyes. As a personal loan officer, Mike is the set of eyes that look over your application when you’re in the market for a new car, boat, camper, or home. His job is to evaluate an application and determine if a loan can be approved. But he does a lot more than that. Here’s how Mike can help you meet your financial goals. 

Years of experience at your disposal

With over 20 years in the auto sales industry, it was a natural transition for Mike to move over to RMCU. He initially interviewed for a position as a member service representative, but pretty much on the spot, RMCU decided that becoming a loan officer was Mike’s best fit. And now he’s been hard at work helping members achieve their dreams for the last four years. 


Addressing concerns about high rates 

Mike acknowledges that high interest rates on loans can cause concern for a lot of people right now. But he’s quick to reassure any worried members, encouraging them not to put off their dreams because of those concerns. He offers his perspective that rates are bound to go back down at some point. And when they do, he’ll be there to help you refinance with the lowest fees he can offer.


Working with you to find the right auto

Mike notes that the car-buying process can also be intimidating to people: both the price and the process. He recommends that you get a Carfax report or an auto check when you start looking at a particular vehicle. By getting a detailed inspection sheet from the dealer, you can read between the lines. “You are not just looking for what repairs they did, but what they chose not to do,” he says. As Mike points out, that is what will eventually cost you in future repairs.


Take easy steps to maximize your credit

When you’re thinking about taking out a personal loan, your credit score can have a big impact on what interest rate you qualify for. Mike recommends that before you apply, you pay off your credit cards. “Give it at least 30 days after you have paid them down before you have credit pulled,” he says. That can help lower your credit utilization ratio, which compares how much you owe to how much credit you have available, potentially giving your score a boost. 


If you’re looking for more ways to improve your credit score, Mike is the one to talk to. “My favorite part of my job is helping people fix their credit and making their credit score reflect it!” He also loves helping members see all their options, showing them what they can qualify for that’s also in their best interest. 


We know that Mike works hard, but he also takes full advantage of all that Montana has to offer. “My favorite things to do in Montana are fish, ice fish and golf!” he says. “Darts and pool are a close second.” 


For all your personal loan questions, give Mike a call at the Huffine - Bozeman branch. You can reach him at 406.582.6607 or send him an email at mnoyes@rmcu.net.

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