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Kelly's Korner – Budget Friendly Valentines Day Date Ideas

Feb 12, 2020 - Posted by: Kelly Fleiner

Whether you love the idea of celebrating Valentine's Day or hate it, you are probably thinking about what to do for your significant other this year. I know you are; you clicked on the blog post. There are several ways to get out of celebrating Valentine's Day, but don't let your budget be one of them. 

According to a survey from Bloomberg.com, Americans are predicted to spend $19.6 billion on Valentine's Day this year. If you are planning on celebrating with your significant other but don't want to spend a small fortune, we have a few tips for keeping your day budget-friendly. Here are 10 great ideas to keep Valentine's Day cost-effective while keeping the romance. 

Kid Fun

My personal favorite is to create a blanket fort in the living room and watch movies. I always loved doing this as a kid, and why not do it as an adult. You can make yummy snacks at home and hang Christmas lights in your tent to keep it festive. A fun and easy way to make your Valentine's Day memorable, all while staying on budget.


Dish It Up

I also like the idea of preparing a meal at home together. You would be surprised how easy and inexpensive it is to create some of your favorite restaurant meals at home. Bonus points if you shop together as well. Create a fantastic memory and maybe even create a new tradition together.

Up For an Adventure

Go on an outdoor adventure. Now February in Montana can be tricky to do outdoor adventures, but if you are dressed appropriately, you can have some fun in the elements. I like the idea of hiking or snowshoeing if the snow is deep. Being outdoors together, even in the cold, can be invigorating.

Prepare a picnic and let your beau pack up some firewood, and you have a toasty night out under the stars. Even if you have to rent some snowshoes, it's a cost-effective way to build memories and have a great time.

Playing Games

Have a game night. Are you and your significant other a little competitive? Create a night in with board games, app games, and trivia games. My personal favorites include Heads Up, Trivial Pursuit, and Scrabble. You can create a little healthy competition and have a ton of fun without spending a dime.


Prix Fixe

Check out your favorite local restaurant and see if they are running a special for Valentine's Day. A lot of restaurants will do a prix fixe menu for the holiday, which means the prices are set as well as the menu. This can help you budget for an evening out without any unexpected expenses. My favorite restaurants are the ones that do a prime rib and three courses with champagne for $30 a person. Completely reasonable. This one will take a little research, but it will be worth it for the budget-friendly night out. 


Store d'Oeuvres

This one is for the extremely frugal. Go Costco sampling. Now, if you can get in and out of Costco without spending any money, that is an incredible accomplishment. If you can get free eats while doing it, that's even better. While I don't recommend this for everyone, it could be a fun adventure for the ultimate budget-friendly couple. 

Get Steamy

Go to a local hot springs. With prices as little as $8 in some Montana hot springs, this is a super budget-friendly date idea. Even better, head to the Boiling River and enjoy a soak for free! Enjoying a nice soak with your significant other could be the most relaxing thing you do together.


Pure Imagination

While I have never tried this one, it sounds fun. Create a Valentine's Day Scavenger hunt. This one has a FREE downloadable version, so you don't have to do all the leg work. Some craft supplies, a printer, and some creativity, and you could have the most imaginative Valentine's Day for little to no money. 

Movie Magic

One of my all-time favorite things to do with someone is going to the movies. While weekend and evening movies can be costly, why not take your significant other to a matinee? Bonus points if you play hooky from work and go in the middle of the week. The theatre will generally be quiet, and the cost is about half of what you would pay for an evening or weekend movie.


Ideate Date

Create a "Date Night Jar." This one can be fun. Sit down at the table with your significant other and pour yourself a drink. Spend the night coming up with fun and creative date ideas together. Keep them in a jar, so when you lack inspiration for date night, go to the jar. While reading this may seem like you will be doing homework, trust me, it is so much fun to come up with silly date ideas together.

Well, there you have it — ten budget-friendly Valentine's Day date ideas. We would love to hear your great ideas for cost-effective dates.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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