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How To Stay Sane with Holiday Guests

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The holidays can be a stressful time for all of us and then you add houseguests!  So how do you stay sane with chaos and even more importantly, how do you not break the budget?  Here are some best tips and advice from personal experience. 

The first thing you will want to do is create a sensible budget for what you anticipate spending. This isn’t just for Christmas gifts. This budget should include everything from wrapping paper to food and eating out expenses while you have guests in town. If you can plan for what you will be spending, your life will have a little less stress this Holiday season. 

Focus on your family traditions and not what is going on around you. If you concentrate on spending time with your loved ones rather than spending money, you will be amazed at what happens. I think of The Grinch when I think of this tip, “Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more.”

Another great way to focus on family and friends and not the money being spent is to start a new tradition. How about an ornament exchange with friends and family where all the ornaments were purchased in after Christmas sales the year before? Or a potluck dinner on Christmas Eve, it’s worth giving something a little non-traditional a try!

You can’t avoid the Christmas shopping… especially if you have kiddos in the family.  When shopping, pay with cash or just use your debit card. Avoid using a credit card at all costs. The after Christmas bill could put a damper on the rest of your year. Sticking to cash or a debit card only is a great way to stay on track and avoid impulse purchasing. 

My last tip is to not get yourself a gift. It is tempting when all the Christmas sales are going on and Black Friday deals can tempt even the strongest willed. Even if something is a great bargain, this is the season of giving right? Buy for others and not for yourself. It will save you a bit of money in the long run. 

Christmas is right around the corner and family will come knocking. Carve out some time for yourself when you have a house full of guests. Even ten minutes of space from the chaos can jumpstart your attitude towards a full house. Let us know what your favorite tip is for staying sane during the Holidays. Have a wonderful Christmas Season from your friends at RMCU.