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Home Trends? What Is Really Worth Your Money

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As far as home trends go, it can be tricky to know what to splurge on and where to save your money, especially when it’s not clear which trends will wind up having staying power. We’ve broken it down for you, so take a look to see what trends are totally worth investing in—and which ones just aren’t.

Worth it:

Kitchen island

It feels like farm kitchens are all the rage right now, and with them come massive kitchen islands. The reason we dig this trend—and think it’s worth the money—is that it’s a great way to maximize space in a room while bringing everyone together around the chef. You can keep it simple with a little extra counter space and some seating, or go all-out with butcher block slabs or a built-in dishwasher.


Snag- and stain-resistant upholstery

If you have kids or pets (or both), jumping on the bandwagon for upholstery that can stand up against stains and snags will pay dividends. When you can take longer between re-covering furniture and still have it looking nice, you’ll love your home longer.


House plants

You may have noticed the house-plant craze all across social media, with some people pursuing jungle-like numbers of plants in their homes. You don’t have to go that far, but picking up a plant or two can have big benefits both on the overall feel of your home and the air quality you’ll enjoy. If you’re worried about having a black thumb, don’t worry—it’s gotten easier and easier to find hearty plants that can withstand everything.


Wood-burning stove

The crackle and snap of burning wood soothes and warms during long winters, and it can save you tons on heating costs. With modern stoves as efficient as they are, they can keep the cold at bay on even the chilliest nights. The ambiance combined with the practicality makes installing a wood stove a no-brainer if you love that look.


Not worth it:

Farmhouse sink

Those apron-front sinks in farmhouse chic sure look cool, but look comes at nearly ten times the cost of comparable versions that skip that style. If you love it, go for it! But it’s probably not worth the extra expense if you’re just casually interested in the trend.  


White carpeting/upholstery

White looks great in photographs, but it just doesn’t hold up as well over time when it’s the color you choose for your couch or carpet. That doesn’t mean you can’t have white in your home if you love the color, but it does mean that it might be better to snag pieces that cost a little less or that you can swap out down the line if the stains and smudges pile up.


Floating shelves

Floating shelves capture an ultra-trendy minimalist feel, but they lack some of the practicality of other styles. It may be better to go for a moveable bookshelf that doesn’t require putting tons of holes in your wall. Besides, if you decide to move (whether that’s moving furniture around or moving house) it’s a lot easier to shift a shelf that isn’t drilled into the wall.


Trendy furniture pieces

Curved sofas, saucer chairs, poufs—they all play a role in the look of the moment, but this moment won’t necessarily last. When you’re picking out expensive statement pieces like your furniture, it’s best to look at your style and try to match it up with a longer-lasting movement. That way your home will have a look you love in the long term.


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