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Great Resources for Buying A Home in Montana

Aug 31, 2017 - Posted by: Rocky Mountain Credit Union

Buying a home in Montana, whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned veteran of the realty game, always brings some unexpected decisions to the fore. You can do it on your own, but the time and headache can be oppressive. Resources are plentiful, though, and if you know where to look even a rookie can buy a home like a pro, with less stress and possibly while saving a few bucks in the process. Here are a few of our favorite resources to make buying a home in Montana a little easier. 


Visit Zillow

Ask anyone about buying a home, and they’ll probably point you to this website. It’s a social media network for home searches, Tinder for realty. Zillow has a simple interface and operates intuitively to help you along every step of the process, from searching for property to handing over the keys. The best thing about this website though is that it puts you in touch with local brokers and agents to give you personal assistance when you need it. There’s no commitment, and the only thing you have to lose is time.



Visit Realtor.com

In a similar vein to Zillow, Realtor.com shows listings (with some really beautiful featured properties) as well as posts handy tips to aid you in the home buying process. Their website is intuitive to use and even if you’re a seasoned home buyer, they post some enlightening articles with tips you might not have known about and fun listings to dream about.



Visit Trulia

Finding the right neighborhood for your family is priority one when it comes to finding a home, and that’s the area where Trulia truly shines. You can easily search for properties by neighborhood alongside things like crime and school statistics, to help take some of the guesswork out of moving to a new area. Like the other home buying websites, Trulia also has helpful tips and calculators, so you can see the value of your current property, test the new neighborhood for things to do, and all kinds of other things you might forget about when planning a move.


Montana Board of Housing 

Visit Montana Board of Housing

The Montana Board of Housing provides, through their website, information specific to Montana. Their comprehensive website includes not only the process of buying a home but some other resources for home buying as well. They have links to loan programs and assistance in the state, as well as current rates and documents required to purchase a home in Montana.


Neighbor Works

Visit Neighbor Works

Neighbor Works is actually a collection of resources for home buying in Montana. Their resources can help new home buyers or those looking for assistance in either the process or the financing of a home. In addition to the complexities of the home buying process, they offer simple resources for home buying such as budgeting calculators.


First Home Advisor

Visit First Home Advisor

If you’re looking for something specific, or something a little closer to home, First Home Advisor offers all kinds of resources for home buying, from local classes and workshops to recommendations to things like local lenders and inspectors.


Montana Realtor Association

Visit Montana Realtor Association

There are so many realtors out there, and choosing the right one for your family can be tough. State realtor associations, like the Montana Realtor Association, can help you choose the right person to guide you through the home buying process and can point out things to add to your checklist. The Montana Realtor Association's website is a true must-view for any home buyer, whether new to the area or native.


Local Realtor Associations

Visit the Helena Association of Realtors

Visit the Gallatin Association of Realtors

Visit the Rocky Mountain Association of Realtors

In addition to the state realtor association, you can find someone with a good reputation locally through the local association of REALTORS. The Helena Association of Realtors, the Gallatin Association of Realtors and the Rocky Mountain Association of Realtors serve Helena, Bozeman, and Butte respectively. They’ll set you on the right track with someone who has expert knowledge about the local area.


If you need resources for buying your first home in Montana, or if you’re a seasoned home owner looking to brush up, there’s a bevy of resources for home buying at your fingertips. Including our page on Everything You Need to Know About the Mortgage Process (And Then Some).  These should be a good start to help you with the journey ahead.

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