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4 Signs It's Time to Switch Financial Institutions

Feb 15, 2017 - Posted by: Kelly Fleiner



Are you thinking about switching financial institutions? That's a big deal! It's also a big deal to trust the guys or gals who are handling your hard earned cash. Are you frustrated with you current bank? Are you wanting to switch, but think its a hassle? It might be worth all the work.


You Feel Like Just A Number

Have you ever walked into your current financial institution and they don’t seem to know who you are, but you are in there every week? A good financial institution will make a point to learn your name and ask about your day. They truly care. If you're feeling like just a number and want some more personalized service it's worth shopping around for. 


Location, Location, Location


We are so busy with life these days that if you have to make a visit to your credit union or bank it better be easy. Do they have locations that are on the way home from work or in your daily pattern of errands? Are they easy to contact if you have an issue? You shouldn't have to go out of your way to manage your money. 


You're not getting the right online services

You might need to switch institutions if you can’t get access to great online services. If you can’t make it to a branch before it closes, you need to have access to great ATM locations as well. If you're not happy with your online services chances are there are better guys out there. Your app should be able to do most everything from transfer money, deposit checks, and get access to statements. 

 Rocky Mountain Credit Union is a part of the Co-op and Money Pass ATM networks, which means there is always a fee free ATM nearby. Members can use the mobile app to find the nearest fee free ATM, or our website. Fun fact, if you stumble upon a 7-11 convenient store, every single one of their ATM’s is free for RMCU members to use.


Do you even like them? 



Do you know what your financial institution stands for? Do they have a good reputation? Do you feel like your money is being invested in providing you better services? If you're going to spend or save your money somewhere it should be with an organization you would be proud to represent. Look into the different community service activities or projects your institution is involved in. 

Credit Unions love to tell the world that we have better rates than any bank in town. Being member-owned and not for profit, they have the ability to offer members lower loan rates. Profits go back to members, not share holders, in better rates and services. 

Ready to take the plunge?


We suggest you do a few things before you switch. 

  • Do you need to set up direct deposit? Make sure you get the right info-right away!
  • Find an institution you love and do your research
  • Find out which auto payments you need to change and when!
  • What other bills are pulling funds from your account?
  • Does anyone else need access to your accounts?
  • Is there a sign up bonus or a better rate for moving your loans?
  • Consider a Credit Union!

Switching financial institutions can be a bit of a challenge, but if you're not getting the treatment you deserve it might be worth making a change. Are you thinking about making the switch?

 Let Rocky Mountain Credit Union help you get off on the right foot with our downloadable budget worksheet! 

Fix Your Finances Download Our Free Budget Worksheet 

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