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5 Ways To Save When Planning A Family Vacation

Mar 30, 2017 - Posted by: Rocky Mountain Credit Union

We look forward to it every summer; hitting a luxurious beach with the family, or a rustic camping trip close to home. Whatever your idea of paradise, you’ll need to put aside some extra money so you and your family can afford to get away without breaking the bank. This budget adventure should start well before you load up the car. Here are a few tips to help you save when planning a family vacation. 

Plan Ahead/Track Deals 

While you’re doing your spring cleaning, you might want to start looking at deals for the road. Especially hotels and flights, if you’re diligent and patient, you can start to find some good deals if you look early. This can make a big difference in your vacation budget, especially if you’d rather eat lobster than gas station burritos. 


Dedicated Family Vacation Savings Account 

An easy way to keep track of where you’re at, after you set your budget goal, is to open a savings account specifically for your vacation. A dedicated savings account will make it easy to track your budget for your family vacation, and it’s fun to watch it grow, independently of your other savings. Having a dedicated account will also make it easy to start saving for next year, and perhaps even for your dream vacation a few years down the road. 


Adjust Your Budget 

Especially if you’re planning at the last minute, adjusting your budget to spend a little less here and there can be a good way to put a big influx of cash into your savings quickly. You’ll have to sacrifice, but the mac and cheese for dinner might be worth it when you are enjoying wine and cheese in Napa.


Garage Sale 

Is it any coincidence that garage sale season begins just a few short months before summer vacation? Probably, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of this fortuitous timing. Not only will you clean some of the old junk, but you can earn a nice little seed for your family vacation savings!


Card Rewards/Miles 

If you’re planning well in advance take a look at your credit card rewards. If you get miles or cash back, you can make those work for your vacation. Thinking about going to Disneyland but don’t feel like making the days long drive across the country? Start saving up those miles and fly your family like royalty. 


Even if summer is sneaking up on us, it’s never too late to start putting money away for some rest and relaxation. You can couple your savings with your spring cleaning to kill two birds with one stone, and pay close attention to your rewards. You’ll be on the road to family vacation before you know it.

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