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5 Financial Blogs You Need to Follow

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We could all use a little advice from time to time. The best advice tends to be about things we didn’t even know existed or things we didn’t think we needed. Financial blogs are perfect for that kind of stuff, they bring you fun or easy ways to save, things you might not have known about debt, and all kinds of practical advice and knowledge to put you on firm economic footing. 

For The College Student

 The College Investor 

College, and your early 20s, is a great time to either establish a stellar portfolio or set yourself back ten years or more. The College Investor is a great site to help you navigate these new waters, with financial tools and advice centered around college and starting out in the workforce. From tips on student loans to side hustles to boost your overall income, there’s some great advice for those who are a long way from college as well. 


For Someone In Their 30s

Mr. Money Mustache

Mr. Money Mustache was started by a couple who retired from average middle-class tech jobs in their early thirties. They were able to do so through a mix of conservative investments frugal living, and now they focus on teaching others to do the same. And they do it very well. If you’re looking for financial blogs that motivate as well as educate, Mr. Money Mustache is definitely worth checking out. 


For The Beginner

Get Rich Slowly

Let’s be honest, most financial blogs are for beginners. But beginners can be any age and in any stage of their careers. Get Rich Slowly is great regardless of what kind of beginner you are, whether you bumbled into retirement using whatever 401k your company provides without checking it out along the way, or if you’re a millennial with thousands in credit card debt. Get Rich Slowly is there to help you along, until you’re practically an expert, managing your money with the skills of a seasoned investor. 


For Women

Daily Worth

Financial blogs for women have a tendency to be a little condescending, but Daily Worth is a blog that’s tailored for women without reading like something from the 1950s. Much of the advice is universal too, so it could be applied by single women, families, or really anyone looking for some helpful advice. 


For Anyone

The Simple Dollar

The Simple Dollar is one of the easiest to follow financial blogs around. True to its name, it keeps its advice very simple, and accessible to everyone. Beginners and seasoned vets alike can revel in its sound financial glory. Like Mr. Money Mustache, it has a good mix of practical advice and money saving motivation, for those days when a new car feels necessary as a reward for the two errands you ran. Wait, you don’t do that? Is that just me?


There are plenty of other financial blogs out there that offer great advice and simple explanations of the increasingly complicated world of personal finance. These make a great jumping off point to start learning. They make it easy to try out some lower risk strategies before jumping in if that’s what you’re looking for. Or you could just dive in head first. Either way, they’re there to teach you to swim. 

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