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3 Financial Products to Help You Recreate This Summer

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Are you looking for more money in your budget this summer for recreation? We all know Montana summers are the best, but they can get expensive. So what products are available to help you have more funds for recreation? These are some of our favorite options to help you get out and enjoy the summer at its fullest.

Put Your Finances on Autopilot with Bill Pay and Auto-Transfers 

One of the easiest ways to take advantage of all the summer has to offer is to automate your bills. If you don’t already take advantage of this then you should. Bill pay and automatic transfers take away the stress of remembering to make your payments. If you can automate them for paydays, you will be making your payments on time and not even worrying about it.

When you spend less time organizing payments, you have more time for fun. I know the last thing I want to be thinking about when I am out enjoying my Montana summer is whether or not the bills have been paid. Set up your automatic payments within your online banking portal. Most institutions offer some form of bill pay or automatic transfers, but at RMCU we make it easy for you to automate your banking needs. Another thing to note, if you pay your bills automatically on the day you get paid, they are always going to get paid. You are never going to get to the end of the month and have no money to pay your bills because they were paid up front.

Take Advantage of Skip-Pay Programs

Does your financial institution offer a program where you can pay a small fee and skip your loan payment? At RMCU we offer a one month skip in the summer but some institutions will give you the entire summer off from your payment. I have noticed that even one less payment in the summer helps my budget. I have more room for the fun summer adventures than I would if I had to make my car payment in July. When you have extra cash on hand you can take advantage of all the summer has to offer.

A skip pay program is fairly straightforward. You pay a small fee, much less than your actual payment, and you don't have to make your loan payment for the specified term. It's something that is fairly unique to credit unions. We understand our members may need a little flexibility in their budgets and we are here to help.

Take Advantage of Summer Loan Programs 

Another unique product in the purview of credit unions is a specialized loan product for seasonal use. For example, we offer a GEAR Loan to help fund all of your summer adventures. Need a new paddleboard or mountain bike? A summer loan can help you get the tools for the best summer ever. The term is generally shorter than a normal loan and the interested is fixed. They are not secured with any collateral and you can have the cash same day if you are approved. Specialized loan products are an opportunity for credit union members. Especially those who need a little boost to their budget for the summer. 

There are the top three products to help you have more fun this summer. Tell us what your favorite financial hack is for enjoying all that the summer has to offer. Come on by a branch and find out how we can help you chase the sun and enjoy the summer fun!


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