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10 Situations Insurance Can Protect You

In some fortuitous times, insurance can seem like a fool's gambit. You pay your premiums, and nothing bad happens, so you don’t see the benefits. But insurance can help you out in some unforeseen ways. That's what it's for, after all; those awful or just plain annoying events you didn't see coming.



10. Your Mortgage Agreement

Depending on where you live, you should get insurance to satisfy your mortgage agreement with your lender. Most states require homeowners insurance, but even if yours doesn’t, it’s always a good idea to have insurance just in case.

9. Natural Disaster

One way that insurance can protect you is in the unfortunate event of a natural disaster. Fires, tornados, winter storms and more can all damage your home, leaving you with a big bill and a lot of stress. Insurance can take care of some of if not all of the financial burden. Flood insurance is generally not included, but can often be purchased separately.

8. Fender-Bender

Anyone who has been in a car, or has ever left their house can tell you that auto accidents happen. Insurance can protect you when you make a mistake, but it can also protect you in the event of someone else’s mistake.

7. Work-Related Injury or Death

Nobody wants to think about the death of a loved one, but, sadly, it happens unexpectedly every day. Especially if you’re the sole provider in your household, insurance could protect your family in the aftermath of an unfortunate accident.

6. Unexpected Illness

Just like a work injury, illness strikes indiscriminately. You could be the healthiest vegan marathoner in the state and still get sick. With healthcare in the news so frequently, and with so much uncertainty, it’s important to make sure you’re protected with health insurance in one way or another.

5. Injury on Your Property

Injuries happen. With winter ice or even just a stray stick, anyone walking by could be injured by something on your property, whether it’s your fault or not. Insurance can protect you in the case of accidents associated with your home.

4. Dog Bites

Like a stray patch of ice, your animals will act unpredictably. And that unpredictability is what insurance is for. If your dog bites someone on your property, your homeowner's insurance can protect you in the case of medical bills or even a lawsuit.

3. Oversights in Your Home

Hopefully, your home has no problems. If something happens, though, and the plumbing needs to be replaced or the wiring needs to be fixed insurance can protect you then too!

2. Burglars

Like accidents, crime happens. Even in the safest neighborhoods, burglaries affect homeowners every day. In the unfortunate event that your house is burgled your valuables could be replaced using insurance.

1. Damaged Items

Much like a burglary, if your valuables are damaged by a natural disaster or by some other problem with your house they could be covered by your insurance.

Insurance isn’t there for things that happen every day, it’s there for the things that happen when you least expect it. It will protect you, your family, and your home in all kinds of unfortunate events, and the few dollars you spend on it will look like nothing compared to the massive bills you’ll face if you let it fall by the wayside.

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