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Apply For An Auto Loan With RMCU

When it’s time to upgrade your car or truck, choosing local financing has more than one advantage. When you apply for an auto loan at RMCU, you’ll get genuine member service from a local Montanan every time. Forget waiting weeks for a decision and being left in the dark, with nothing but vague answers from a “virtual agent.” We’ll make sure you’re always heard, and our unbeatably low rates are the cherry on top.

Why Choose RMCU?

Lower loan interest rates than most big banks

Quick turnarounds with decisions made in our local branches

No application fees

A variety of loan types for every situation

The type of member service you’d expect from a credit union

Access to a personal loan officer who’ll help you every step of the way

✅Auto loan application complete. 

✅Credit check complete. 


That is about all it takes to get auto financing through RMCU. 


And the best part? Our staff of fellow Montanans will guide you through the process of low-interest, quick-turnaround financing.    


Your dream car awaits– Let’s make the journey together.  


Fill out the form to reach out to a local loan officer today and discover the best financing options available.


Start Your Vehicle Application Now!